Economy of Effort

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THREE exams in four classes today. And an assignment due in the 4th. That ought to be illegal. At least this means that I have next to nothing left to do this week.

Today’s playlist: Clearlight - Symphony Rush - Signals The Who - Quadrophenia Rush - A Farewell to Kings Miles Davis - Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (discs 1 and 2) Solaris - Marsbéli Krónikák

I was surprised at how much I liked some of the Rush stuff. I was also surprised at how little I liked some of the other Rush stuff. I hadn’t listened to Rush in a while (save for Counterparts), but as it stands now, the band seems to either hit-or-miss with me.

Every hard rock band that wants to get a record contract should be required to write a dissertation on why The Who’s “5:15” kicks so much ass.

No, I haven’t joined BMG and received Complete Bitches Brew Sessions yet, but I do have the set in MP3 format. What’s interesting is how much Disc 1 of the album reminded me of Isotope 217°’s The Unstable Molecule. Naturally, Isotope 217° is Bitches influenced (not the other way around), but since I’m more familiar with Isotope at this point, that’s the connection I drew in my head.