Economy of Effort

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Drove down to my parents' house today (since everyone came up to visit me, it was time for me to head down there m'self). Took a stack of CDs, as usual. Among them was Hands Palm Mystery. I didn’t get into this the first time I heard it, so I wanted to give it another shot. The verdict? Errrrmm…… still not really digging it. I understand that their self-titled 2nd album is better. Still, this one seems just like the Yezda Urfa that I recently acquired (Sacred Baboon)… they just aren’t appealing to me very much. Is symphonic rock losing it’s grip on me? Good instrumental symph still appeals to me much (like Pulsar’s Halloween and Shylock’s Ile de Fievre). But stuff with vocals is failing to grab me, outside of some of the faves like Gentle Giant. Classic Italian symph seems to be exempt from this, but newer stuff (like La Torre dell'Alchimista) does not.

So, let’s run a counter. It basically started when the Yezda Urfa failed to “0wn” me when I first listened to it, one week ago. Sooooo… it has been 7 days since a new-to-me, non-instrumental, non-fave, non-classic-Italian symphonic rock album has “0wned” me. Let’s see what album manages to break this funk.

Of the other CDs that made the drive with me, Henry Cow Leg End (original mix), Ui The Iron Apple EP, and Weidorje’s self-titled all were pleasing.