Economy of Effort

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Interestingly, I’ve been in more of a music buying mode than a music listening mode over the last couple of weeks. Last night, however, something “clicked” back into place, and I was enjoying my hobby much more than I have recently. I attribute this to a few things:

(1) Bought a new pair of headphones. They’re Koss TD-61’s. Not audiophile by any stretch, but they are light, yet still the padded ear-encapsulating style. I have a pair of Sony’s that sound great but are uncomfortable as hell. These Koss ‘phones are about as good as you can ask a $20 pair of headphones to sound (and more so, if you ask me).

(2) Slowing down on the music acquiring and revisiting some old albums. My escapades into electronica, jazz, and so forth have been exciting and intriguing, but taking a break to take in some more good ol' post-rock, while also checking out a little bit of newer post-rock, has done me good.

(3) Jim Mora. Just by being alive and on TV, Jim Mora makes me feel better.