Economy of Effort

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I Hardly Knew Ye.

I am laptop-less.

My Thinkpad is now in the possession of my parents, per an agreement. They told me that they wanted the laptop - which I was planning on selling in order to help add to the Powerbook fund. I told them if they wanted my laptop, they could have it - but that they had to kick in enough money to guarantee that I get my Powerbook - not just an iBook or something.

They agreed, and since their desktop PC is currently out of commission and sitting right here waiting for my attention, I gave them the laptop early. Of course, this leaves me with no laptop at the moment. I’ve taken for granted how nice it was to sit in the living room with my laptop, even if it is an older machine.

I’ve been told that we’re ordering the Powerbook in about 2 weeks. I’m selling a bunch of stuff on eBay to come up with some money for it in the meantime.