Economy of Effort

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This post has nothing to do with girls, but I put it on that category just as an excuse to show the Rachael Leigh Cook icon for this category (if you’re reading on LJ or Xanga, follow the link at the bottom of this post to my site)…

I’ve finally started going back to work and class. My throat’s still raw, but my energy’s (mostly) back.

My birthday is Friday. I’ve got a laptop coming. Waving bye-bye to my Powerbook won’t be easy. Kids, unless you’re playing a bunch of computer games (or learning to develop them), get yourself a nice Apple computer. There ain’t no reason to be usin' no Windows systems if you’re just web browsing and word processing.

Halo 2 is starting to get underneath my skin. It’s so easy to just hop on and within a minute, be in an online game. My dad wants an Xbox and Halo 2. He’s turning 51 in May and he’s wanting an Xbox. That’s my pops.

Now, to stare at my wonderful icon…..