Economy of Effort

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Crunch Time

Two weeks left before finals, and counting. Much work to be done in the meantime.

I’ve sacked my desktop computer, and am using my laptop computer plus my desktop LCD in a dual-screen setup. Very neat. Only catch so far is that ATI’s video drivers for Linux, fglrx, don’t support two displays using different resolutions in Dual Head mode. I get distorted video on the second screen. Yet, if I use Big Desktop mode, it works fine (but I don’t want Big Desktop mode, because I want windows to maximize to only one screen).

I recently discovered Microsoft’s OneNote software. It’s the note-taking software I’ve been looking for for years. So I’ll be using Windows pretty frequently until I can get OneNote to run in Linux using WINE or Crossover Office or something (maybe I’ll go so far as to set up a VMWare environment, though I’d prefer something without so much overhead).

I have to say, Windows has managed to be very tolerable for me, thanks to some of the software I’ve been using to keep it hassle free. I just wish I didn’t need to always commit so much RAM to virus protection and spyware protection and so on.

Just installed Ubuntu back onto this machine. The “kubuntu” packages give me a KDE desktop in Ubuntu without so much hassle, though the packages still have a ways to go. Lots of improvements on the Ubuntu front - it could conceivably end up as my “permanent” distro.