Economy of Effort

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The Post After Shirley

I haven’t really wanted to post in a while, mainly because I didn’t care to move those Shirley Manson pictures off the top of the page. I am of the mind that an attractive female gripping her own chest is, how you say, hot.

I’ve teetered between indifference and addiction in World of Warcraft, sometimes going back and forth in the same day. At its best, World of Warcraft is a very enjoyable virtual online world to be in. I’m convinced that more people could force themselves through the daily grind of real life more readily if they were awarded experience points every step of the way, and created social castes around a person’s level. Although such a system could easily be considered an allegory for how things really are, albeit one much more transparent (and in our world, some bastards are just born into Level 50)

My virtual Jacksonville Jaguars continue to dominate the playing field in their online league, standing at 7-0. My first team offense is getting less and less field time, as I want to keep Byron Leftwich and Fred Taylor healthy for the postseason.

NHL hockey has been NUTS since the lockout ended. The Kings now have Pavol Demitra, Jeremy Roenick, and Valeri Bure to add to Craig Conroy, Alexander Frolov, Luc Robitaille, Dustin Brown, and Mike Cammalleri to choose top 6 forwards from. Definitely better scoring depth than they’ve had in a while, though I miss Jason Allison. Hopefully Cammy and Brown can challenge Bure and Robitaille for 2nd line time.

I’m knee deep in NFL preseason football, watching virtually every game on tape delay. It’s time to prepare for football season. :)