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Gamers With Jobs

Some of you that read this site are already well aware of the Gamers With Jobs website. For those that aren’t, it’s the place to go for a live, vibrant community of intelligent gamers. Thanks to very strict (by Internet standards) behavior control, the only people that remain on the site are those that can exhibit a basic level of intellect and good behavior. It’s the kind of place that shouldn’t be rare on the Internet, but is.

What has this to do with me? Well, the GWJ crew recently created an additional website. This one is a “news blog” - intelligent gaming news with a little blog activity from the writers thrown in. This site is called the Gamers With Jobs Press Pass, and a couple of weeks ago, I joined the crew of writers. It’s a great source for interesting gaming news, without a bunch of rumor mongering or idle speculation. I’m excited to be a part of it, and the activity in recent days has made me start to believe that it will eventually grow quite an audience with its level of discourse and character.

If you’re a gamer, give the site a look. Bookmark it or throw the RSS feed to your aggregator. And if you’re interested in gaming forums without the idiocy, visit the main GWJ site.

Apologies if this post sounds an awful lot like an advertisement. :)