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Games And My 25 Year Old Girlfriend Fiancee, Part Ii

When it comes to games, Stacey has two modes - indifferent and obsessed. She either couldn’t care less about a game, or (for those lucky few rare games) she becomes so enamored by them that she MUST have them immediately, and plays them for hours non-stop. This Sunday, as mentioned in the last post, she is getting a Nintendo DS Lite, and I couldn’t be more proud. In the meantime, though, she discovered a new game to be obsessed with while fiddling around with the GameCube kiosks at GameStop stores. That game is Chibi-Robo, which (from all I’ve seen of it) involves walking around as a miniature robot and collecting trash and mopping up muddy paw prints. Stacey definitely likes the “go around and do things” genre of games, and her DS Lite will glow late into the evenings playing Animal Crossing in a few days, no doubt.

She’s also discovered Zuma, a puzzle game on Xbox Live Arcade. And that’s a pretty fresh and unique puzzle game. Anyone with a 360 should give the demo a shot.

And, best of all, she’s playing Beyond Good and Evil. That’s my girl.