Economy of Effort

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Something new I have decided to do with this page is to post things I read online that I find to be insightful, or at least a concise bit of knowledge or opinion found in my travels through the internet ether. Some of them may be obvious to some people, but others may find something of interest in them. This comes from Jun-Dai from the Criterion forums, on the topic of high-definition video disc (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD) adoption:

I’ll eat my hat if DVD isn’t the highest quality home video format in the US with more than 10% adoption for the next five years at least. The format war isn’t the biggest of the obstacles, but it’s definitely an obstacle. People simply aren’t ready for another format, and more importantly, the higher quality formats offer nothing over DVD other than quality, whereas DVD offered a good deal over the previous formats (in order of importance: small form factor, no degradation, improved video quality, easy access to favorite scenes/no rewinding, all DVD players play CDs, and special features).