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Wife Basic (Gaming) Weapons Training

I’ve posted before about Stacey and games. Now that we’re married, Stacey’s gaming habit is being helped into high gear.

Stacey already loves playing puzzle games (Zuma!), and novel games like Guitar Hero or Katamari Damacy. However, she has long watched me play shooter games with my friends, and it’s her turn to get in on that action.

So, the first thing she needs is to master the dual-thumbstick aiming of console shooters. Once you have that skill, you can jump from game to game (and with games like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 coming out, we will have games to jump to). Thus begins Stacey’s Basic Weapons Training.

Her first game in this training is Halo 2, an easy choice because it has an “Easy” difficulty setting, so that she can learn without getting wasted instantly a la Rainbow Six. Improvement has been steady, and it won’t be long before she finds a comfort zone. It won’t be long before she’s playing online.