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Idea: *Legion* Game Club

Tangentially inspired by the Rebel FM podcast’s “Game Club” episodes, I had a fun idea that I’m torn over whether I should try to get people interested in or not.

The Rebel FM Game Club episodes involve the people on the show playing a certain game that most of them have either not played or not completed, and discussing it on the show. Then they pull ideas from their listeners about what game to do this with next.

I had a vision of what a Legion Game Club would be like. Instead of a group of people playing an old game they’ve missed, it would be a celebration of the multiplayer games nobody else is playing. Whether it’s a 2nd-rate shooter from 5 years ago, or a tacked-on multiplayer mode in a game people only played single-player, we would give that game one shining night of multiplayer action. We’d wallow in the game’s antiquity or general badness,  declare someone to be the night’s “winner”, and then quite possibly never speak of it again.

I imagine people buying $5 used copies of Nerf Arena Blast off of Amazon, or digging through GameStop’s original Xbox ghetto shelves to find a copy of Conflict: Desert Storm or Outlaw Volleyball or something. Hell, who wouldn’t want to spend one night rocking each other in the Xbox version of Counterstrike? Or playing the known-awful multiplayer modes of Starbreeze’s shooters? And not just shooters - we could play strategy games like Earth 2140 (available on!) and stuff like that. Even popular games - as long as they’re old! - would be great, like WarCraft II. Whatever the people that want to participate vote on as the choice for that month.

It would just be guys tearing ass through the multiplayer games that can be found in the GameStop bargain bins, on GameTap,, Steam sales, etc.

I think it would be a blast, but it would require a good group of people who were willing to actually track down and spend a few bucks on cheap old games. Maybe if I served up the idea with sufficient bombast, other people would think it’s cool too.