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Stuff I Like That You Should Too: Hacker News

hnThe use of “hacker” in Hacker News is the broad, old-school definition, of which computer security is only one subsection.

Hosted by the tech startup venture firm Y Combinator, it should be no surprise that Hacker News has plenty of stories about tech startups, as well as programming and other “hacker” topics.

It’s become my go-to daily tech site. I still check Slashdot semi-daily but have long ceased taking part in the conversations. I recently started reading Reddit, though mostly just the programming page (or “Progit”), as there’s a lot of dumb stuff in other Reddit sections. But HN is better than any of those at aggregating stories of interest and sparking conversations with high signal-to-noise ratios. HN discussion threads are extremely no-nonsense and lacks that “in-joke” atmosphere of those other sites.