Economy of Effort

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I’m always pitching the Big Love idea to my wife. Why put up with me all by yourself, when you can have some teammates to help manage my needs? Astonishingly, she still doesn’t see it as the way to go. Nevertheless, I am always on the lookout for new talent to add to this team.

I saw one as I watched the German women’s curling team. Here’s to you, redhead:


(The young one in the front, not the kneeling banshee in mid-scream)

Her name is Stella Heiss. Actually, her last name is “Heiß”. I’ve always wanted a chick whose name requires Unicode. She’s also only 17, so she can spend a year in the minors before we call her up to the big leagues. Her dad is former German ice hockey national team goaltender Josef Heiß.

I’m not alone in liking Stella. Bleacher Report ranked her #7 on their list of Hotties of Olympic Curling. (Stella’s teammate, Melanie Robillard, ranked #1, and with good reason. But redheads hold the key to my heart.)

Melanie and Stella

(Melanie and Stella)

Stella is most certainly welcome to bring Melanie along.


(Melanie and Stella bookend a group that drops off severely between the endpoints)