Economy of Effort

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Must See Movie

This is on the glass door of the local Pizza Factory.

The synopsis, from the site’s homepage at PureFlix:

Sarah Collins is a young woman on the elevator of success, poised to attain her dream of an executive corner office. There’s only one thing that’s going to keep her from getting it, an unexpected pregnancy.

Sarah is now faced with a moral and potentially career ending choice.

She is torn between keeping the life growing inside her and her legal right to abort the baby. In the midst of her turmoil, a mysterious stranger foretells the coming of three visions that will challenge her heart.

With financial pressures mounting and her dream career at stake, what will Sarah choose?

What, indeed. My guess is that she has the baby, and after about 5 minutes of peril, the pendulum quickly swings to “happily ever after”.

The girl on the poster looks 17, but it’s 32 year old Aussie Christian pop singer Rebecca St. James - who I have seen before and who is pretty hot.

YouTube has TRAILER!: