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Podcast Rename In I Tunes

I hate when podcast providers title their podcast feeds with anything other than the name of their show.

Unfortunately, in iTunes, it is not possible to rename podcasts.

The dude who wrote this meta.stackoverflow post, however, has done something about it.

He made, a little web service running on Google App Engine, which takes a podcast feed URL and a title that you type in, and serves up that same podcast feed with your title inserted in place of the original title.

This is especially useful for podcasts that add a lot of junk into their title, or related podcasts which maddeningly fail to set a naming convention and follow it. The latter is the case with the podcasts for the Johnjay & Rich radio show. Half of their podcasts have “Johnjay and Rich:” at the start of the title, and the other half have the segment name only. So, in iTunes and on an iPod, the ones that don’t have Johnjay & Rich at the front are scattered away from the rest. Very dumb, but what can you expect from a Clear Channel production?

Thankfully, this dude’s little Google App Engine project takes care of the problem. Here’s to you, guy who is as anal about podcast organization as me. You’ve earned the title: