Economy of Effort

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Back In The Saddle

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here! Believe it or not, I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts. They’re all saved as drafts, waiting for me to get around to doing all of the updates to this blog that I’ve been meaning to.

I’ve managed to import posts from my old Blogger blog back in college, and I am currently digging through the Wayback Machine to recover as many posts from my old LiveJournal - yes, LiveJournal - as possible. (If there’s one thing I kick myself over, it’s how insanely sloppy I was with data archival back in college. Actually, pretty much my entire life up until now. Turn 30 and now I want all that stuff back).

I’ve come up with a new simple design for the blog, updated to Wordpress 3.1.x, added Disqus commenting, syntax highlighting for whenever I post code snippets. And soon, to avoid repeating my past mistake, I’m going to look into how to archive Twitter and Facebook content here.

I’ve been cooking up some technical posts and, of course, it’s time to start talking football again, with the draft so close.

Let’s see if, this time, I can stick with maintaining my “web presence” here.