Economy of Effort

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This week has, for the most part, sucked. Of course, every week leading up to the end of a semester sucks. It’s just straining, that’s all. Anthropology test, Psychology paper, Creative Writing story, and Calculus. Not fun.

Music, however, has been great this week. I really “clicked” with Birdsongs of the Mesozoic’s Petrophonics, Godspeed You Black Emperor!’s f#a#(infinity), and Supersister’s Present From Nancy this week. I had liked each of them prior to this week, but they each took on a new and higher meaning after being listened to this week.

I’ve been downloading a lot of bootleg MP3s. Jaco Pastorius, Dream Theater, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Do Make Say Think, National Health, Miriodor, and A Silver Mt. Zion live bootlegs all now reside on my PC (soon to be archived to CD-R).

Currently listening to Magma’s Mekanik Destructiw Kommandah. TOO COOL.

I bought five classical compilation CDs today. I wasn’t looking to, but Wal-Mart had the audacity to sell them for only $1.96. One of them is a Tchaikovsky comp, one’s a Beethoven comp, one’s a Mozart comp, and the other two are piano comps with material from varying composers. I’ll most likely replace them as soon as I become a “serious” classical collector, but they’re welcome for now.

As for the girl mentioned last week… I’m thinking about biting the bullet and calling her up tomorrow…..