Economy of Effort

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These last couple of weeks, pursuing young women has taken a back-seat (no pun intended!) to a score of more pressing concerns. To be precise, I now have a university to transfer to (California State University, Fresno), an apartment (a 1-bedroom loft about two minutes away from CSUF, which I will be completely moved into after finishing my finals next week), and the ever-nearing end of my 4th and final semester at Porterville. After I finish moving and dealing with all of that crap, I will resume my regularly scheduled getting-shot-down-repeatedly. :)

Some new music bits:

King Crimson’s Heavy ConstruKction is surprisingly good. I picked up a copy after some of the #progrock chatters insisted that it was a strong release. It’s a 3CD live set, with the 3rd CD consisting entirely of improvs. Good stuff.

Tortoise’s Standards and Mogwai’s Rock Action have grown on me quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised to see both of these CDs featured at Borders. The Borders mini-blurb called Standards “… perhaps their most accessible offering to date”, which I had to chuckle at, because it strikes me as being rather inaccessible compared to TNT or Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Not that I would call Standards “inaccessible” on it’s own, but as it relates to those two, yeah.

Magma’s Theusz Hamtaahk box set is a wonderful little package. I must shamefully admit that I don’t own the studio Wurdah Itah, nor do I have Retrospectiw I-II for the first released performance of “Theusz Hamtaahk”. I do, however, have Mekanik Destructiw Kommandah. The version from this box set seems to have rather weak brass hits, but the drumming is sufficiently powerful.

NeBeLNeST’s self-titled album really does something for me. I guess I just have a thing for spacey jams, but a lot of bands in that vein fail to do it for me. Needless to say, I eagerly, eagerly, eagerly await NeBeLNeST’s Bob Drake-produced sophomore effort.

Iona’s Journey Into The Morn…. got it from BMG… y'know, I like this album a lot more than I ought to. I probably should hate it. But instead, I’ve walked around for entire days, singing “WiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiissdom!” to myself… (God descends over Legion, looks down, laughs, and shouts “All your soul are belong to me!”)

Some recent grabs that I haven’t listen much to yet:

Thinking Plague - Early Plague Years

King Crimson - Epitaph (2 CD)

The Science Group - A Mere Coincidence

… and about 5 more I can’t think of right now. Right now, my room is a mess of boxes, papers, and more boxes (as mentioned above, I’m moving into my own apartment in Fresno, so I’m packing and moving most of my stuff now, and then will only have to move a few things after finals).


An interesting side note: a group of us at have decided to start a prog concert bootlegs group. Basically, we’re going to work with some serious prog show tape collectors, and transfer their tapes to CDR (cleaning them up in the process), and then distribute the CDRs among our group (as well as to the tape collectors). Anyone interested in possibly participating is urged to e-mail me (see “E-mail Legion” link to the left). We’re setting it up so people without tape transfer or CD burning equipment can still participate.