Economy of Effort

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Last night, I went on a quest: find a used copy of a Loreena McKennitt album (preferably The Mask and Mirror, but any of her three final full-length releases would have been acceptable). Three record stores later, I came home with no McKennitt in hand. I did come close to buying the new Mogwai EP, but I wasn’t ready to drop $8 on a 20 minute EP without hearing it - even though the band’s most recent album, Rock Action, has recently become my favorite release of theirs.

Upon arriving at home, I ended up firing up BearShare (which has replaced Morpheus as the first music client I go to for fairly “popular” music, and is second only to AudioGalaxy for overall use) and downloaded the various individual tracks that comprise The Mask and Mirror. Listening to it right now… while I find myself wishing for a warmer, less “overt” mix (i.e. not having vocals or the main instrumental melody slap you in the face and overpower the rest of the music), I do like what I hear, and will continue trying to find any of her last three albums in the used bins (I sure found a lot of Brian McKnight when I was looking… sheesh).

Music moment for the day: Sitting in a chair at the Health Center at the university, Discman headphones on, waiting for the results of some blood work from the lab, listening to Tarentel’s The Order of Things (specifically, “Ghosty Head”, a Rickie Lee James cover) while reading the college newspaper’s story about the rape awareness rally a couple of nights ago, and some of the stories retold there. The song in question is a quiet, piano and (very soft) female vocals piece. When listening to the song last night while driving, it seemed beautiful. When listening in the doctor’s office while reading that newspaper story, it seemed chilling, frightening. The vocals, which had seemed so pretty before, seemed woundedly brooding this time. While it may not be Tori Amos' “Me and a Gun”, it sure was close. It invoked the same mood and feeling, at least at that moment in time. What remains to be seen is if the song will go back to sounding “pretty”, or if it will remain locked in the context of today’s listen.

On a more upbeat note, I have continued my exercise routine to the letter. Not a single day’s ride has been missed. As a result, I have lost 15 pounds since starting the exercise routine (which, when added to the 10 that I lost before starting, brings me to a total of 25 pounds lost since moving away from my hometown). I took an old bathroom scale from my parents' house, and have been tracking my weight daily. It sure is encouraging to see the number go down every few days.

Currently downloading the new Mogwai EP. Will give it a chance to earn an $8 purchase. If it can manage to be as good as EP+2 or the most recent full-length album Rock Action, then I will not hesitate to grab it.

Also discovered a new band from AudioGalaxy downloads, Halifax Pier. Yet another band on the Temporary Residence label. I’m going to have to start checking out artists specifically because they’re on that label, because I keep finding cool new “post-rock” and other bands that are on TR.