Economy of Effort

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It’s been about half a month since I last wrote something here. Hmmph.

What’s happened in the meantime? Well, I am diving head-first into the realm of electronic music. I picked up what is apparently an “ambient house” classic, Global Communication’s 76:14. This sucker’s great. It finds a middle ground between Steve Roach-style ambience and modern electronica (not unlike the middle ground post-rock (at least the “drone-rock” contingent) often establishes between ambient and rock). I do enjoy Steve Roach, but ambient with a stronger rhythmic presence tends to have a stronger effect on me.

It’s starting to seem that space/ambient music has the potential to be even more near and dear to me than more “busy” styles of music like jazz or prog-rock. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising, given that the space rock bits in Pink Floyd are my favorite moments from that band’s canon of music.

This new direction will eventually push me to the borders of both techno and New Age. At some point, I expect to eventually encounter stuff in those realms that repulses me - thus establishing the borders of where my tastes in this field run. What remains to be seen is whether these borders exist on the outskirts of these genres, or whether they’re well into the heart of the genres (or perhaps the borders don’t exist at all - in which case, Present and YETI can expect to be joined by Prodigy and Yanni in my CD case soon).

Oh, and the new Mogwai EP is good. Not quite Rock Action good or EP+2 good, but it’s Young Team good.