Economy of Effort

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ARGH! Someone was selling Area’s Crac! on, but another buyer got to it before I could. (insert vulgar explitives here!!).

I really don’t want to pay $18 for a 38 minute album, but I may have to (heck, I should consider myself lucky - a few months ago, it wasn’t available at all! I tried to buy it for $18 before but the dealer couldn’t fill the order).

Scored some Japanese avant-rock goodness, in the form of Tipographica and Bondage Fruit’s self-titled debut albums. $20 a pop. Crikey. I also have Koenjihyakkei’s II reserved at Wayside for the same price. Damn those Japanese taxes… I’m tired of paying $20 for a CD, but no domestic label is going to release the material. It’s not the vendor’s faults, since they have to pay the high price to get the CD, and that has to be passed onto the consumer (especially when you’re talking about low-margin specialty retailers like Wayside - God bless you, Steve Feigenbaum).

Anyway, I’m cruising the BMG catalog to load up on some more jazz albums, as well as classical. I’m strongly thinking of declaring January to be “Jazz Month”, and listen to almost only jazz albums. At the very least, I will have a “Jazz Week”, and perhaps a “Jazz Two Weeks”. Thing is, I could spend days just on the Miles Davis Complete Bitches Brew Sessions and the John Coltrane Complete Village Vanguard Recordings boxes themselves.

I was at Borders a couple of days ago, and listened to a performance of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade on one of the listening stations. In particular, the second movement (I forget the name) was great. I will be getting a CD of that piece from BMG (I’ve been cross-referencing the performances on the BMG CDs with comments at, in order to separate the gems from the crappy ones… up until now, I’ve tried to get into classical by buying the cheapy CDs, but have failed to enjoy them - they tend to sound like they were recorded in broom closets). Especially when it comes to classical music, quality matters.