Economy of Effort

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So, what’s happened between my last post and now? Well, I’ll tell you… CLASSES started. WORK started. Bluh'y hell. Let’s review Hell, CSU Fresno style:

First level of Hell: Work. Work requires me being up at 6:00am every morning (yes, it takes me that long to get to an 8:00 job, and yes, it’s still a struggle to be on time). Work isn’t as bad as it was last semester, as I’m alone in the office now and I’ll have my own Ethernet connection, and can play my own music (albeit at low volume levels)…. but I’m still being given the same pointless crap to do. If my job only revolved around PRODUCTIVE work, I’d have two free hours a day. :)

Second level of Hell: Women’s Studies 110. Representations of Women. Male Bashing 101. Let’s put it this way… I would wipe my arse with this week’s readings, but I fear for rectal infection. Making matters worse is an instructor that lacks organization.

Third level of Hell: Computer Science 41. Introduction to Data Structures. Now, CompSci is fun. Programming is fun. But this class is the class that weeds people out of the CompSci major. The highest dropout rate of any lower-division class in the university. In the entire university. Over 70% dropout rate. Some people take the class with a clean schedule - no other classes. Well, I need to pass it this semester. Need only pass.

Fourth level of Hell: Math 76. Calculus. A repeat. It was crappy before. It promises to live up to last semester’s crappiness.

Fifth level of Hell: Economics in Film. Looks to actually be a decent class. Only bad things: it’s from 6-9pm, and it’ll run late some nights… that’s LONG. Plus, the room we’re going to watch the movies in don’t allow food, so no munchies during the films. Like, what’s up with that?

Sixth level of Hell: History of Rock and Jazz. Only thing about this class is that I need to officially get into it (gotta show up tonight - the first class session). Another 6-9pm night class, but this one shouldn’t run late like the film class will. The hard part about night classes is taking them seriously - it’s not easy to pay attention to academics at that hour.

So basically, things at the University suck. As they do at most academic institutions, I would imagine. Keeping nice company after work/school hours makes it much more tolerable, though.

My next post will include some actual music content.