Economy of Effort

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Been a while since I posted (don’t most of my posts start with that line?). So what’s happened musically as of late?

  1. Linkin Park - In addition to “In the End”, I also like “Crawling”. I have received much ridicule from the music snob circles. :)

  2. Kylie Minogue - Damn you, Kelly. Damn you for making me download “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”. Now I’ve seen the music video too. It’s more than I dare to think about.

  3. METAL - Metal, metal, metal, MEEETALLL. Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queensrÿche, TOOL, Spiral Architect, Dream Theater, Neurosis, Therion, Black Sabbath, and I need more. I’ve had to use some hard-rock (even The Who) for more fix. I’ve been in a major metal mood. I think some later Iron Maiden would be cool. This one (The Number of the Beast) is a bit silly at times. The style is great but maybe some of the cheesiness is left off on later albums. Powerslave is next on my Maiden to-get list.

  4. Krautrock - My Faust box set is always nearby. I recently got Can’s Ege Bamyasi, downloaded some Electric Mud and Amon Düül II.

It seems one of my friends and one of my online music buds are conspiring against me. And my friend’s trying to drag my girl into it too. Like I told her (the friend), with friends like these, who needs enemies? I gotta admit, though, it’s WAY more fun than last semester when I didn’t really know anyone around here.

Ooh, and my best friend is coming to Fresno next semester after spending this semester in Monterey. Now maybe I’ll finally be able to teach him an instrument. Hmm, I’m getting a bigger apartment now too… I should take my brother’s drum kit (The World’s Least Used Drum Set).

I’m also playing my guitars far more than before, even writing some music. Usually when I’m supposed to be doing homework. :)