Economy of Effort

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Last week, I broke the big toe on my right foot. On the same day, I also went through hell with a dead car battery. (As one might surmise, the latter led to the former). After multiple visits to car places, and multiple visits to the university health center, my car is back up and running, and my toe is taped up and (allegedly) in the process of healing. I am staying mobile using crutches and a wheelchair. It’s no fun, but I am supposed to be able to start walking again after about a week after injury (so, later this week). We’ll see.

Anyway, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fresno State Bulldog football teams both lost games that they should have won. The former lost due to a couple of key mental mistakes, the latter due to blatently pro-Oregon calls by the officials (so blatent that ESPN announcer Warren Moon, who has no vested interest in Fresno State, was shocked). In better news, the NFL expansion franchise Houston Texans (led by former Fresno State quarterback David Carr) won their opener against an improved Dallas Cowboys franchise.

Last night, I went to a wedding with Stacey. The wedding was of one of Stacey’s oldest friends. It was enjoyable. I was on crutches at the service, and in the wheelchair at the reception. The highlight of the evening was when I wheeled myself out onto the floor for the tossing of the garter, stood up on my one good leg, and plucked the garter out of the air with my left hand. There was no bobbling, no unsteady hand. It was a solid, firm catch with my non-dominant hand. All were impressed, as I sat back down into my chair with wheels, and rolled myself back towards Stacey and the dinner table. Stace just shook her head and snapped a picture of me, holding my prize.

I’ve helped Stacey build her website. I’ll put it in my links section as soon as I finish putting that section together. Her site has pictures from the wedding.