Economy of Effort

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You know, if instructors are given choice parking - much closer to classes than student parking is - then the least they could do is show up on time. As students, we’re expected to be on time daily, and we have to fend for ourselves in the jungle of parking here on campus (where the cars easily outnumber the parking spaces). Instructors that can’t show up on time ought to be banished to the student lots. If they’re gonna be late anyway, might as well make them go through our daily hassle.

Surprise, surprise, C SCI 60’s homework due date has been pushed back to Wednesday. The instructor uploaded it but forgot to update the links on the class website. This was posted online last night.

Went to my parents house yesterday, to watch the Jaguars slap the Kansas City Chiefs around a bit. Also played NFL2K3 against my brother, and mopped the floor with him: 60-6. To his credit, he used a team that was rated close to mine (his Texans were ranked 31st, my Jags 29th), instead of using a much more highly rated squad. My manually-controlled cover skills are starting to approach my old NFL2K1 abilities, as I was often swarming around the ball, knocking down passes on my own. The way my pass coverage works is that I call a number of zone coverages. I use a player - typically the MLB - whose zone assignment is the center of the field. I maintain this zone until I know there is no real threat coming into my zone. Then, I vacate my zone and make a play on a receiver. It’s hard for opponents to throw away from me, because my delayed pursuit gives them little time to react - if they wait until I pick my coverage, they’ll have a pass-rush in their face. Plus, sometimes I just drop back into a deeper center zone, and try to make a play on the ball after it’s been thrown. I’m happy my pass coverage is starting to come around. I wasn’t making any plays when I first got the game.