Economy of Effort

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The theme of the last few days: fatigue.

I have been TIRED. It’s way too early to be school semester rundown. I just hit a spell of fatigue, I guess. I was so tired last night. I went to bed before 11:00. And even today, I’m tired and lethargic. I had planned on staying up late last night to finish my C SCI 112 assignment (due tomorrow - Monday), but I’ll do that tonight instead.

The only thing I really remember doing on Friday was checking the Costco here in Clovis for TVs. They didn’t have what I want. Then I got a call from Stacey, telling me that she didn’t have to babysit that night. So, she came over and hung out. We picked up Bobby Salazar’s, played Day of the Tentacle, and watched TV. It was fun.

On Saturday, I got up at 7:00am, got showered and dressed, picked up Stacey, and we went and watched my brother’s tennis tournament. After that, we shopped for my TV until finally finding one that I wanted (and that would fit in my entertainment center). We got it home, and then everybody (myself, Stacey, my parents and brother) all sat down and watched the first part of the Fresno State/Oregon State game. It was ugly to start, and it got REAL ugly later. Everyone left after a while, leaving me all alone. Then Derek came over for about an hour. We played a couple quick games, and then he left.

Today, I went to breakfast with my parents (who were in town for the 2nd half of Logan’s tournament). After that, I checked out CompUSA to see what kind of MP3 players they had. I then went home, and ordered one from instead. I got the Archos Jukebox Recorder 20GB player. I really, really thought about getting the Apple iPod instead. I really wanted to. But Apple, once again, has priced themselves out of competition. Archos’s 20GB player was $225. Apple’s 5GB player was $299, and their 20GB player was $499. If their 20GB player had been $299, I would have gone for it. But for 5GB? No way. Apple’s player is the best, hands down, but not for that price.

Football on TV (football’s so much cooler on a big, flat, sharp screen). Gotta finish enjoying the day of football before dealing with my programming assignment.