Economy of Effort

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Finished installing my wireless network yesterday. My wireless router is now handling all my routing duties, rather than my FreeBSD box. Is this because I thought the hardware router would be better? No, it’s because I couldn’t figure out how to make the router act as only a wireless access point. I must say, it is easier to administrate the SMC Barricade than it is FreeBSD ipnat (though I got pretty handy at typing “vi /etc/ipnat.rules” and “ipnat -CF -f /etc/ipnat.rules”).

So, anyway, Stacey and I went to the fair today. The food was good. Don’t ask me how I managed to avoid eating the barbecue ribs, though. Just never had time to sit down and eat them. Pizza and nachos and snowcones are edible on the move. Anyway, the Michelle Branch concert was fun. Granted, pop music isn’t my style, but I prefer Branch’s style of music over the whiz-bang of so-called “bubblegum pop”. At least it’s honest, and not manufactured. So I was able to enjoy myself. I’m still far more looking forward to hearing TOOL play, naturally, but this was enjoyable. Stacey and I took some pictures - they’ll be on each of our sites eventually.

Driving down to Porterville tomorrow to watch the football games tomorrow. A nice way to cap off a fun weekend. I needed a good weekend too, because the exam studying starts again on Monday (my C SCI 112 assembly language exam is on Friday, and it’s going to be TOUGH. I have SO much studying to do for it).