Economy of Effort

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My PS2 game collection has increased by three (well, sorta).

I went to Software Etc. and bought a used copy of ICO for $19.99. I also got a used PSX memory card.

Later, Derek and Shelby came over (for like 15 minutes - F1 racing was coming on, and they had to go watch) and Derek brought his copies of Metal Gear Solid 2 and Dark Cloud for me to borrow. Excellent.

Shelby asked “which beanbag is it that Stacey says is hers and nobody else can sit in it?”. I told her it was the gray one. She then grabbed that beanbag and sat down in it.

I also got my DirecTV equipment today. Satellite TV pending soon…

Unfortunately, Jacksonville’s defense was nowhere to be found today. That, paired with a head shot taken by Brunell, led to a Jaguars loss. :(