Economy of Effort

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Apple, And Project Update

So, Derek and Logan came to crash at the apartment yesterday. We spent most of the day shopping and playing at the nickel arcade (which has added a number of games since the last time I went, and vastly improved the “free play” offerings). We spent $2 in there, and about $2 each on constant gameplay for the next 2 hours or so. Usually you go into an arcade and blow $5 in about 15 minutes. :) It’s nice for those of us that can get a kick out of a mix of yesteryear’s games and some classics (Super Off Road was awesome).

Anyway, at my request, Derek brought his Apple laptop (15" PowerBook G4). I played around with it, and got a little more familiar with OS X. I was happy when I got myself to a command line. :) Spending a little while on it helped fully “sell” me on the Apple.

Got very little done for my project Saturday and today. I’m working on it now. I need to make it feature-complete pretty much by the end of tomorrow.