Economy of Effort

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Stupid Human Behavior #527

I am not one that is against cell phone use in cars. I am, however, against stupid people.

Something I see occasionally is someone driving in the car with a cell phone to their ear, and their head tilted in towards the phone.


And I’m not talking about using your head to hold the phone against your shoulder. I’ve done that before, although not with cell phones. No, I’m talking about holding the phone with your hand, and still tilting your head, as much as a full 45 degrees (!!) “into” the phone.



OK, of the two things here, one of them is firmly attached to something (and that would be your head attached to your neck). The phone is free to be moved around in space. HOLD THE PHONE UP TO YOUR EAR, YOU RIDICULOUS MORON! What, is your Nokia too heavy to lift up past your shoulder? Arms too short to reach far enough to hold it up to your head?

And that is all for today’s “Stupid Human Behavior”.