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Jaguars Shun Moss

As a Jaguars fan, I am somewhat split on the decision of the Jacksonville Jaguars to rebuff the Vikings advances for a possible trade for Randy Moss. On the one hand, Moss is a game-changer. Jimmy Smith and Randy Moss would make the best receiving combo in the game. On the other hand, Moss brings baggage, and it’s far too early to give up on the two Jags rookie receivers: Reggie Williams and Ernest Wilford. Both showed promise this season. But again, the idea of having one of those guys develop into a #3 to play alongside Jimmy and Randy is awfully enticing. Plus, Jimmy has only a couple seasons left, and if both rookies develop, it could be a Moss/Williams/Wilford trio for a few years.

The interesting part is that owner Wayne Weaver’s replies to the advances had nothing to do with Moss’s on-and-off-field problems. Instead, all he commented on is that the asking price (two 1st-rounders or a 1st rounder + starter) is too high. That is an awful lot to give up, but when about half of 1st-round picks fall short of expectations, one has to wonder if Moss would quite possibly outperform two 1st-round picks.

Unlike Minnesota, Jacksonville has a hell of a defense, and Moss would be one mighty spark for a young offense. I would be more excited than worried if the team did roll the dice and take the risk. But if they’re not going to, then they better hit home runs with those 1st round picks.