Economy of Effort

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Knights Of The Old Republic Ii

I’m currently about 15 hours into Knights of the Old Republic II. Today at work, I was listening to Yankidank’s Gamer’s Radio podcast, and he went on about how much recycling of content Knights II uses. Not only is the core gameplay essentially the same, with only very minor additions, but a lot of the settings are right out of the original game (though more deserted and run-down since the first game).

I have to admit that the game has been fun to play. I almost feel guilty, given how much repackaging the game uses (at least up to the point I’m at). There’s also a character from the original game that appears in cutscenes in the new game, and I’m guessing there will probably be an encounter with the character at a later stage in the game.

Even if it is a major cash-in for Obsidian (they didn’t even make the first game, but they sure had no problem using as much of Bioware’s work as possible), if it’s fun, does it matter?