Economy of Effort

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Say hello to Leninade.

I took a trip to Beverages & More yesterday, and decided to get a few of their funky sodas. Among the group was this citrusy communist delight. The bottle’s label spouts phrases like “Drink Comrade, Drink! It’s this or the Gulag!”, and the cap is suitably labeled “CCCP”. As for the drink itself, it’s a lightly flavored soda. It’s got some citrus and berry flavor, and is apparently made from real sugar cane. It certainly features more pomp than kick, but its style points are well-earned.

It doesn’t hurt that the product’s website features the Leninade Girls. Although such a thing seems to smack of capitalist marketing. Not sure how such inconsistancies are justified. I suppose it’s a capitalist’s world, and communism has to use capitalism’s mechanisms against it in order to get anywhere these days. But such things aren’t meant for such close examination! Drink, comrade!