Economy of Effort

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Album: 9 Lazy 9 Paradise Blown (1994)

I like the idea of jazz crossed with electronic music. I fell in love with the Kammerflimmer Kollectief album “Maander” a couple of years ago. Apparently there’s a lot of action in that space, with so many names like “electro-jazz” and “future jazz” that it’s hard to keep up. I heard 9 Lazy 9 on SomaFM’s Groove Salad radio stream, so I got their first album. It’s 17 tracks of relaxed jazz over laid-back electro beats. A few tracks, like “Brothers of the Red”, let the jazz come out a bit more. Some cuts are a bit too placid and samey, but the high points make it clear why this album was apparently held in high regard when it came out. It does sound like some other albums I’ve heard which came out years later. It’s more in line with what I’m hearing from today’s electronic music than, say, what The Orb was doing at the same time. It’s largely instrumental, with a few whispers or spoken lines sprinkled around. At first, it all kinda ran together… but as I’ve listened more, it has grown on me. I’ll need to check out their more recent albums. Nobody has to twist my arm too hard to check out another album on the Ninjatune label anyway.