Economy of Effort

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La (Lumines Anonymous)

When they said Lumines was addicting, they weren’t kidding.

I bought a PSP yesterday, along with Lumines. I enjoy the game, but can keep my use in control. I made the grave mistake, however, of letting my girlfriend play the game in the car today.

They say you can become addicted to crack as soon as the first time you take it. Well, I think Lumines might need to carry a similar cautionary tale. My girlfriend played Lumines in the 10 minutes it took us to get to our lunchtime destination, and the 10 minutes after lunch for the drive to drop her off back at her place.

As we pulled up to her place, there were no signs of her preparing to stop.

Try as I might, the PSP could not be separated from her hands. Any begging or pleading was met with a sharp, “shut up”. You see, by talking, I was distracting her, and that’s just plain not allowed.

It wasn’t until she “died” that I was able to get the system back. And that was after she attempted to start a new game.

Tonight, I receive an IM, asking if she can come over after work tomorrow night “and play with the PSP?”.

20 minutes to addiction. Q? Entertainment, it would seem, has succeeded in making the new Tetris.

Her: “It’s like candy” Me: “How so?” Her: “You just want more and more”.