Economy of Effort

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Well Isn't That Just Typical

A few weeks ago, before hopping on the plane to Austin, I went looking for some magazines to take with me for the flight. The local Tower Records is the only place I could think of with a decent selection of beneath-the-mainstream publications that didn’t require me venturing south of Shaw Ave. Included in my purchases was Grooves, a magazine focused on “experimental electronic music”. I discovered that I like the magazine a lot, and while it might not be quite as comprehensive as Wire Magazine, it also wouldn’t cost a fortune to subscribe to.

What’s more, a few days ago, I saw a post on the IDM mailing list about a podcast by Grooves. I added it in iTunes, listened to it last night, and found it to be much more in line with my electronic music interests than most of the other electro-podcasts I’ve listened to.

Checking out the playlist on the Grooves site, I found a few artists to pick up some albums of.

Also, while I was at the site, I saw the latest news post…

“Grooves will no longer be a print publication”.

The announcement indicated that Grooves will continue on as an online magazine, with some chin-held-high comments about the print publication’s demise and how so many things will be better this way. Though I will definitely read the website, I would prefer the print magazine. Typical, of course, that the magazine goes down just as I discover it. At least the podcast part isn’t hurt by this. And hopefully it turns out to be a really good web zine. It won’t be the first dead magazine resurrected in online form that I read - Next Generation was a fantastic gaming print mag that died, only to come back (years after the fact!) in a great online version (albeit far lighter on content) .

So long, Grooves Magazine. We just met and you’re already dead. Your online successor had better be every bit as good. And keep that podcast coming.