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Xbox Live’s Major Nelson tells us: Xbox 360s are being shipped on a weekly basis. A lot of retailers seem to be telling customers stupid things like, “Microsoft won’t send us any more until March”. You mean retailers don’t know what they’re talking about? That’s why they’re in retail.

Celebrating too early is bad enough, but doing it into a TV camera is worse: Here’s Jeremy Shockey celebrating a “game winning” field goal, only to have his jovial mood crushed when the Seattle crowd roars for the kick missing the mark and being waved “no good”.

I’ve always wondered, if people are so fragile, and things like smoking and drinking are so bad for us, what is it that makes those gnarly old guys that smoke a stogey and drink a bottle of Jack every day live until they’re 100? So I’m never surprised when reading articles like this: Anti-cancer compound found in beer (or, more accurately, the hops whose primary use is in beer).

One of my favorite Firefox extensions is TinyUrl Creator. is a website for turning a long URL into something like “”, which makes it nicer for pasting into emails or forum posts or whathaveyou. TinyUrl Creator lets you create a nice little TinyUrl of the site you’re currently on with a mouse click. The extension hasn’t been updated for Firefox 1.5 though, but someone else has a nice little page for extensions updated for 1.5 by him, because the creators of the extensions have abandoned them.

A great Xbox 360 advertisement has been kept off of American TV because, well, people are over-sensitive and ridiculous. Watch the ad and see for yourself. It’s sad that we’re so touchy that an ad like THIS is considered to be “questionable content”. The real tragedy is that it’s a fun ad and would be one of those few advertisements that you actually enjoy seeing. Ironically, because of my TiVo use, I may have never seen the ad if it WAS on TV and not an Internet talking point.