Economy of Effort

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Dumb Stuff

I don’t care for celebrity “news” much, but it’s hard to pass on this one: Paris Hilton believed in Santa Claus until she was 17. She must’ve at least figured it out by herself by then, right? Nope. Quote the trashy ho, “a mean person told me it wasn’t true.”

Here’s a mildly funny clip from Stacey’s favorite TV show, Boy Meets World: Corey wants to see more of Topanga (6MB video). What guy wouldn’t want to see that side of Danielle Fishel? Funny how episodes like this don’t seem to get shown on Disney Channel. Oh well. Here she is decked out football style. A Rashaan Salaam jersey never looked so good.

I don’t read or watch anything Harry Potter. I think I’ve seen this blonde French girl (the one on the left, not Gandalf!) in previews for the next movie or something though. Well, when people looked at her past work, they found she had been acting in the buff in some French film. I wonder if that’s what got her noticed by the Potter heads?

I recently discovered that Brian Eno’s “Another Green World” is a good album.

NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast is good too. Covers some music that I don’t normally keep that close of an eye on. Though recent episodes have featured stuff from Adrian Belew, Kasabian, and Gentle Giant, as well as the lost Coltrane/Monk recording that was discovered at the Library of Congress only this year.

Have you updated to Firefox 1.5? If not, get on with it already.

So the Sharks traded for Joe Thornton. Big deal. It doesn’t fix their real problem.