Economy of Effort

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Lord Stanley, Python, And Peter Jackson

Last night, I touched Lord Stanley’s Cup. The ECHL All-Star Game was hosted here in Fresno, at the wonderful Save Mart Center. Along for the ride was the Stanley Cup as well as the ECHL’s own prize, the Kelly Cup. Stacey and I had our pictures taken with the Cup. The game was also fun, more for the company (Kate and Kristyn) than the game itself.

I have started experimenting with Python and the pygame library, in order to create a quick puzzle game. I need to build up a portfolio of demos, and so I am going to learn some new languages and libraries along the way. I’d be so comfortable just jumping into C++ and OpenGL to do everything, but when it comes to skill sets, Wider Is Better.

GameFly sent me the next game I had in my queue: Peter Jackson’s King Kong for the Xbox 360. I’ve played it for about half an hour. Very pretty game, seems like a well-executed concept too. One complaint: playing it on my VGA monitor in 1280x1024, the picture appears as if it is rendered in 16:9 but then letterboxed on top of that too. The viewing size is VERY short. I’ve noticed a few graphical gotchas in playing the 360 on a VGA display, rather than an SDTV or an HDTV. I appreciate it when games are letterboxed, but I think there’s something funky going on in this case. No matter - I’ll still play through anything Michel Ansel (Beyond Good and Evil) creates from here on out.