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Games And My 25 Year Old Girlfriend

Generally, I don’t care for the stereotypical geek pursuit of trying to get one’s significant other into the “geek hobbies”. Usually such attempts, while well meaning, are ill conceived. So it is perhaps with a bit of hypocricy that I follow the same pursuit. At least in my case, Stacey has an interest in gaming - one which I am simply trying to locate and help amplify. Stacey has, admirably, broadened her entertainment horizons on many fronts in the time that we’ve been together. I have tried to do my part as well, and in these past 4 years, I have become more intimately familiar with the offerings of the Disney Channel than I ever thought possible. I have a very broad range of entertainment choices, and so it hasn’t been too difficult to find some that Stacey would become interested in and establish some common ground.

In terms of games, Stacey was an NES child, much like myself. My NES game stash nearly doubled when she dug up the old games her and her younger brother owned. Although Stacey’s games have tended to be outside of the “hardcore”, some have been reasonably distant from the typical “games girls play” (like The Sims).

Stacey’s currently on a kick for two games. The first is Katamari Damacy. And who doesn’t understand the appeal of that game? Roll a ball around and pick up a bunch of crap. Certainly a “female friendly” game, but a bit more of a gamer’s game than Animal Crossing (another game Stacey was once hooked on, but that’s another topic). She’s progressed to the last ¼th of the game, and she’s ready to jump into the sequel “We Love Katamari” as soon as possible.

The only time Stacey’s uninterested in Katamari Damacy is when she wants to hook her claws on her other current game of choice: Guitar Hero. Now I love this game a lot. One thing that surprised me is how close it feels to playing an actual guitar. I’ve played the guitar since I was 15 (holy hell that’s been a long time now) and though I’ve never aspired to virtuoso “metal god” status, I can rock more than well enough to star in a radio-rock alternative band. :) So at least I have a decent idea of what playing a guitar is like. I’m shocked at how well they nailed it with the little Gibson SG style controller. When I progressed to harder songs that required speedy hammer-ons and pull-offs to hit the notes, it felt like rockin' a real guitar.

Stacey, meanwhile, is not a guitar player, but that sure doesn’t seem to make any difference at all. She doesn’t quite have the finger dexterity of a guitar player, but her face lights up when she does manage to riff her way through a difficult lick. I enjoy the classic rock and metal cuts like “Spanish Castle Magic” and “Symphony of Destruction”, while Stacey likes the newer rock tracks like “Take Me Out”.

So, two games that are somewhere between the hardcore and the typical “girl games”. I really can’t wait to get a copy of Beyond Good & Evil into her hands - if stupid sellers would stop cancelling my orders, that is (if ya don’t have it, take down the listing, fools).