Economy of Effort

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My black 60GB iPod finally has a name worthy of it: General Zod.

The NFL draft is this weekend. I have two Forward Progress shows to record and get out by Friday. Had a pretty good response to the first show - download numbers were certainly higher than I expected.

I have been watching VH1 Classic a bit lately. The thing that I find most interesting about old music videos is how many of them use a lot of long shots, rather than the rapid-fire series of quick cuts that music videos are known for. It’s funny to think that these old videos are what people looked at as the domain of the short attention span. I just had to record Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence”. I loved how they cut to a side shot of the singer sitting in his chair, mouthing the line, “words are very unnecessary” on the second repetition of every single chorus.

Are you kneeling before Zod? You might want to get started.

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the Xbox 360 is good. Very good. It’s the game I wanted Morrowind to be.

An adult hockey league this summer sounds good.

If the Jaguars draft Mathias Kiawanuka in round 1, I will be mad. Then, I will cry. I hope they’re smarter than that. They have to be.

Who’s going to coach the LA Kings? Getting Dean Lombardi for GM is the first step, now find a coach I like better than Andy Murray (and I liked Murray’s Kings teams).

I’m trying to find the good music in the world of indie rock. It’s like walking through a minefield, only the mines have moody, droopy fans hiding in the shadows.

“The Unit” is an interesting show that doesn’t seem to have a well defined direction. This past episode was quite good, though. Still don’t know if the show will go beyond a random hodgepodge of special-ops machismo, but there are much worse things to use TiVo space on.

Thanks to Internet downloads, I have a couple of BBC shows that I have enjoyed watching during days where there’s nothing good on the ol' TiVo. One is the new Dr. Who (which is on Sci-Fi Channel too, but I have to catch up first). The other is Spooks. Is there other cool British TV to go download?

One day, I hope to have such a skilled musical ear that I can tell one Radio Massacre International album from another.