Economy of Effort

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I Have A Dream

Splinter Cell (GameCube)A night ago, I had a dream. I dreamt that I was at a GameStop store with Stacey (my fiancee, for any new readers… “new readers”, that’s funny). I was scoping out the Nintendo DS games, while Stacey was browsing around the GameCube stuff. I didn’t find anything very interesting, so I walked over to Stacey. I asked her if she found anything. She turned to me, holding a copy of Splinter Cell for the GameCube. She said, “I’ve played all the cute games on the GameCube, I think I’ll try something else and branch out.” Everyone at the store was impressed, and I was so proud. We embraced, and kissed, and the camera zoomed out for our cinematic romantic moment.

Today, I told Stacey about the dream.

She ain’t buying Splinter Cell. :(