Economy of Effort

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Propelled Into Dreamland

What happens when your late night TV viewing consists of Full House and a PBS show on string theory?

You get a dream about Full House characters getting stuck in an alternate reality (which happens to be evil) using their wits and powers of persuasion to avoid 24 hour lockdown by the evil Full House character counterparts. They then prepare a daring last-second escape and destruction of the evil world (which involved tossing some kind of powder from the non-evil world into a shallow pool of water, and submerging themselves in the water), and pull it off with the aid of a monkey from the evil world that wasn’t evil (because monkeys are always good).

This is what my head concocts when left to its own devices.

It’s not so bad, though. The night before last, the dream involved me and a half-naked Morgan Webb hanging in a hotel. If I can figure out the late-night TV combination that creates that, I’ll patent it.