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65daysofstatic The Destruction Of Small Ideas (2007)

65daysofstatic - The Destruction Of Small Ideas

2007, Monotreme Records

Style: post-rock, math rock

65daysofstatic has until now been known for a blend of post-rock and dnb-style electronics. With The Destruction Of Small Ideas (dammit, lowercase the “of”!), the electronics have largely faded into the background, and the intensity has been kicked up in its place. Many people use the word “bludgeon” to describe this album. Indeed, when 65daysofstatic launches into loud wall-of-sound sections, they are driven by rapid-fire drums that certainly suggest blunt force violence. Soft, whisper-like piano lines, sparse but beautiful strings, and strategically placed noise and electronics color the sound into something much more distinct from many generic post-rock acts.

This album takes some time to digest. There is very little repetition, so it can be difficult to make an immediate connection with some of the material. Persistence is rewarded, however, as after a half-dozen listens, everything begins to fall into place. For me, it was like a light switch - I went from nearly taking this off the iPod to loving it to death.

At 61 minutes, this album could certainly have used some trimming. None of the material really screams to be cut (though the guest vocals on the last track do nothing but hinder an otherwise good piece), but everything would have gained from keeping the album at a more manageable size (and creating a bit more balance between the sonic assaults and the softer sections).

Fantastic album. The critical reception has, unfortunately, been spotty at best. Of course, if I wrote about this after only 3 or so spins, I wouldn’t have had much great to say about it either. There’s plenty of substance here, and the patient listener will find plenty to delight in - after a few listens.

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