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Chicken Strips

Hot DipsDairy Queen’s latest advertising features their “Hot Dips” product, which is basically a rebranding of their existing chicken strip basket, except that they nuke the BBQ sauce to make it hot. Oh, and they knocked the price of the 4-piece meal down to $4.99, which is a pretty sweet deal for a box of fries, chicken, and Texas toast.

More importantly, as a connoisseur of fast-food chicken strips, I must say that the Dairy Queen ones rank very highly. Here’s my ranking breakdown of the fast-food chicken strips I’ve had:

  1. Sonic Drive-In (best around, too bad there’s no Sonic anywhere in Monterey County!)
  2. Dairy Queen (then a big drop off until the next group)
  3. Carl’s Jr. (as long as they are cooked to a crisp, some places undercook them - not salmonella undercook, just not cooked to a crisp and as such, not that good)
  4. Burger King (chicken tenders and chicken fries, nice and reliable)
  5. Arby’s (decent)
  6. McDonald’s (I don’t have them much because McD’s fries are lethal even by fast food standards)
  7. KFC (too greasy, ack!)
  8. Foster’s Freeze
  9. Jack ‘n the Box (they used to be fantastic, not anymore) Unranked: Wendy’s (crap! crap! crap!)

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.